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DOG in the news headlines
from around the world

Archives August 2003

  • August 28, Abandoned dog in foster care
    EAST MANATEE -- A woman abandoned a three-legged golden retriever whose throat was cut. The dog, which was found three weeks ago on the side of Verna Bethany Road, had a gash so deep it almost hit the animal's windpipe.

  • August 28, Dog fight busted; two face felony charges
    CENTER CITY, Minn. – Felony charges are pending against two Minnesota men following the bust of a dogfight event on Saturday. According to the Chisago County Sheriff’s Department, one of their deputies happened upon the dogfight while investigating a woman’s complaint that someone was trying to kill her.

  • August 28, Plea over stolen dog
    UK--A dog owner is appealing for the return of her beloved poorly pet which has been snatched by thieves. Elizabeth Shiel says whoever has taken her cocker spaniel Jessie will not realise the dog suffers from arthritis and needs regular medication.

  • August 28, Newest dog to play Benji goes from rags to riches
    Associated Press--OGDEN, Utah - It's the canine equivalent of being discovered at Schwab's drug store: After being spotted in a Mississippi shelter, a 2-year-old dog is living it up as the latest mutt to boast the ``Benji'' brand.

  • August 28, Dog park in Anderson could be ready in fall
    The Cincinnati Enquirer-- ANDERSON TWP. - The Anderson Township Park District board has agreed to unleash funds for a dog park, which should be ready for two- and four-legged visitors by the fall.

  • August 28, “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time”
    The narrator of this one-night read is an autistic boy bent on solving the murder of a neighborhood dog. Christopher Boone, 15, is very bright, funny and oh-so-honest, but he behaves much like an 8-year-old.

  • August 27, Owner of dog with inch-deep cuts charged with animal cruelty
    chronicleonline--A Hernando dog put to sleep last winter is gone, but on Tuesday morning its owner was arrested for letting a number of gruesome wounds on its neck go untreated.

  • August 27, Hong Kong's hounding of illicit pets draws howls
    HONG KONG -- Bibi is forced to take her daily walks on newspapers laid out near the kitchen. Ah-Bee gets sent away to a kennel while his owner waits for a repairman to arrive.

  • August 27, Killing wayward pets, even to save money, just sends wrong message
    Don't kick puppies. That's a cardinal rule of politics, and everyone knows it. Apparently, though, some of the folks in Charlotte County government haven't boned up on their political primers, because for at least a month they've kicked around the idea of killing puppies.

  • August 27, A Tax on Pets?
    China--The authorities in Nanjing have just come up with a regulation saying that people receiving government welfare cannot raise pets. The rule was included in the new "regulations for the guaantee of the urban population’s minimum living level",

  • August 27, Use in medical training had stirred controversy
    UNION-TRIBUNE-- Bowing to protests, UCSD Medical School no longer expects students to take a course in which live dogs are used for surgical and drug demonstrations and then killed, a faculty chairman acknowledged yesterday.

  • August 26, Pet dog is fire hero
    BBCnews--A family's dog helped save its owners from a suspicious fire in their home by waking them from their sleep. Morpheus, a Rottweiler, became agitated when smoke started filling the flat in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, at about 0100 BST on Tuesday.

  • August 26, Owner accused of killing dog in rage
    St. Petersburg Times--BROOKSVILLE - A 52-year-old man was arrested after he was accused of attacking and killing his pit bull during an intoxicated rage, authorities said.

  • August 26, Doggie divas to gather at weekend show
    The Union file--What if you spent your childhood with a happy Labrador retriever and longed to see a bunch of them together?

  • August 25, One lucky dog
    FOREST CORNERS - Family, friends raise funds for stray's surgery. A 4-month-old puppy had the will to live after being struck by a car as he was crossing a street to play with Lake Weir High School students two weeks ago.

  • August 25, Rotary to help fund Munster dog park
    MUNSTER -- The large number of animal lovers in Munster's Rotary Club has resulted in the organization agreeing to help fund a proposed dog park in Munster.

  • August 25, Autopsy Reveals Pomeranian Dog Likely Beaten to Death results are in on the tiny, defenseless dog Albany Police say three young boys beat to death with sticks.

  • August 25, Norfolk police dog killed while halting robbery suspect
    NORFOLK -- Police officers are mourning the loss of one of their own today. Faro, a German shepherd who worked for the department for two and a half years, was fatally wounded early Saturday morning as he attempted to nab an armed robber.

  • August 25, Couple face fine over missing dog
    BBCnews--The couple put up over 1,000 posters. A couple who put up posters to trace their missing dog have been threatened with a £1,000 fine.

  • August 25, Cougars, dog massage and odd experiments
    THWARTING COUGARS - Reports of mountain lions, or cougars, in the mid-valley aren't new. But fresh sightings of the big cats in populated areas serve as a reminder that our pets may look like dinner to hungry wildlife.

  • August 25, Laws perplex dog owners
    The Wichita Eagle--Antitethering and registration rules prompt questions from residents. For animal control officials, the changes mean business as usual, with additional authority. hanges to the city's animal control code approved by the City Council last week have Wichita dog owners asking a lot of questions.

  • August 22, Dog park proposal unleashes controversy
    St. Petersburg Times--Fresh, brown dirt has replaced the red clay of the baseball diamond. A newly planted oak rises in left center field. Any day now, dogs will romp where people once played catch.

  • August 22, Dog rescued from Truckee River
    RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL--Firefighters called to rescue a dog stranded Thursday in the Truckee River near Idlewild Park at first thought their services weren’t needed.

  • August 22, Woman receives online honor for adopting abused dog
    ACWORTH - After raising six children, a slew of golden retrievers and rescuing three cats that needed homes, Barbara Betts hardly had to think twice when she saw Maggie's face pop up on her computer screen.

  • August 22, Pets' safety depends upon their owners
    I've been reading the reports concerning the death of Mosby, the beloved dog, with a great deal of interest. I own two dogs that I love dearly and unashamedly. But in owning them, I also accept the responsibility for their whereabouts and behavior.

  • August 22, Del Monte Pounces on Gay Pets
    "Gay people have a very emotional connection with their pets." While Bruiser, the gay dog from "Legally Blonde 2," took the spotlight this summer, Del Monte Pet Products zeroed in on gay pet owners.

  • August 21, Deaf dog reunited with family
    Elton went missing for 11 days from his Buckingham Township home. The disappearance of the 3-year-old Australian shepherd triggered an 11-day search. Whistling was useless. Calling his name, pointless. Elton, fluffy, furred and friendly, is deaf.

  • August 21, Tenn. Man Gets Replacement for Guide Dog
    Associated Press--CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - An 84-year-old blind man who lost his longtime guide dog to a violent intruder is the owner of a "retired" seeing-eye dog that was donated to be his new companion.

  • August 21, 'Just a dog?' Animals are selfless creatures
    Recently, I overheard part of a conversation about Mosby's senseless death in which someone said he was "just a dog." Having recently lost a wonderful dog myself, I was upset by the ignorance and insensitivity of this remark. During the rest of the day, however, I began to think about what it really means to be "just a dog."

  • August 21, Animal control failed to dispose of dead dog
    Indiana--Valparaiso-On my way to work recently, on a Monday, there was a beautiful brown dog with a green collar on the south side of Ridge Road by Grant Street in Gary. His head was in the street, and his lifeless body was sprawled on the curb.

  • August 20, Bakery, boutique cater to pets' needs
    BOYNE CITY -- Leo and Mitzi may be the only four-paw employees in the Boyne City business district. The Bernese mountain dogs' noses greet guests at Pet-Haus Cuisine, where the sign boasts "Pets welcome on Leash."

  • August 20, Abandoned dog survives after stranger pays for surgery
    Wisconsin State Journal--Buddy, a shepherd mix that was run over after being shoved out of a car, left the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine Tuesday after a kind stranger maxed out her credit cards to pay for eight hours of surgery costing more than $5,000 to repair the dog's shattered pelvis and hind legs.

  • August 20, Mourning Mosby: Dog's friends plan demonstration
    Reaction to death of pets similar to that of humans, experts say. STAUNTON -- They won't take Mosby's death lying down. Referred to by his owner John Adams as a "goodwill ambassador," the malamute and husky mixture was recently found shot near his home in Deerfield.

  • August 20, Governor signs bill designed to prevent dog attacks
    Associated Press--FRANKLIN PARK -- After a dog mauled his son, and after he learned the same animal had been involved in two previous attacks, Jeff Armstrong decided he couldn't let it happen to other children.

  • August 20, Injured dog needs new home
    Family with sick child unable to care for pet that needs considerable care after accident. Considering the slobbery kisses he gives to anyone in the vicinity of his rubbery jowls, Woodrow, a 1-year-old boxer, doesn't seem worried about his luck.

  • August 19, Shelter struggles to save frightened dog Saturday, the volunteers who run the Twin City Animal Shelter held an open house in recognition of the more than 10 million homeless animals who are euthanized every year in this country.

  • August 19, It's a Dog's Life, but What, Exactly, Is That About?
    NYtimes--Dogs now sniff out bombs, sarin, land mines, illegal drugs and other contraband, as well as money, firearms, traces of gasoline used in arson, underground gas and water leaks and termites. They serve people with disabilities and sometimes help improve the physical or mental health of their owners.

  • August 19, Authorities Look for Suspect in Dog-Fighting Case
    CLEMMONS, N.C. -- Authorities continue their search for a Clemmons man in connection with dozens of dogs seized in an animal cruelty and dog-fighting case. The Forsyth County Sheriff's Department says animal control officers received an animal neglect complaint last week and found 81 pit bull dogs and puppies on Craver Land Road.

  • August 19, Shy dog is kittens' best friend
    UK--Loveable Maisie the dog is so timid her best friends are kittens. The 18-month-old hound has been through three months of misery after she was run over and left for dead.

  • August 19, Contractor who injured dog won't pay bills
    REIDSVILLE -- Jimmie Biggs says he just wants what's right for his little dog, Goodyear.
    A few weeks ago, a meter reader driving a work truck pulled into Biggs' driveway off Jarrell Road and accidentally ran over the 17-pound Boston Terrier.

  • August 14, Youth uses his birthday to get gifts for animals
    The birthday party in-vitations were mailed and Adams Farm resident Zach Colby waited with anticipation for the big event. He and his sister, Jessica, were holding a joint celebration this year to observe Zach's 10th birthday, which was Aug. 1, and Jessica's 6th birth-day, which was the 15th of the month.

  • August 14, Humane Society offers pet first aid classes
    News 9 San Antonio--The first aid class teaches kids and adults how to care for their animal in an emergency situation. Since caring for an injured pet can be unpredictable and traumatic, some local classes are teaching people how to provide safe and effective first aid to a pet that's in need

  • August 13, FAA: Some pets count, others don't
    St. Petersburg Times--A proposal to require airlines to report their care of animals gets narrowed by the FAA. Breeders and farmers' animals would be exempt. Airlines will be required to report to the government how often pets die or are lost or injured while being shipped as air cargo. But the Federal Aviation Administration rules released Monday apply only to animals kept as pets in people's homes - not those shipped by farmers or breeders to pet shops.

  • August 13, Dog breeder vows to cut noise by half
    Norfolk--UK--A gundog breeder at the centre of a village row over excessive noise vowed yesterday to halve the number of animals she has within two months.

  • August 13, Proposed ordinance: Concern to dog owners Tuesday, Sept. 2, at 6:30 p.m. the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on proposed ordinance changes that would enable animal control officers to take dogs into custody that bite or attack other dogs.

  • August 13, Dog passes alcohol test
    BERLIN (Reuters) - A German man of Polish origin lost his driving licence after failing an alcohol test but his dog passed with flying colours, police in the western city of Koblenz say.

  • August 12, It's a dog's life - therapy and all
    Australia--Missy, a five-year-old Jack Russell, takes a swim as part of her physiotherapy after back surgery. John May describes Missy, his five-year-old Jack Russell, as a knockabout that once chased rabbits around his four-hectare Wonga Park property.

  • August 12, Alex Max New York launches Custom Parfum for Pets,

  • August 12, L.A. County turns 100 seized Chihuahuas over to dog rescue group
    ASSOCIATED PRESS--BALDWIN PARK – One hundred seized Chihuahuas that at one time faced being destroyed were turned over to animal rescuers Monday for rehabilitation and eventual adoption.

  • August 12, Sentencing set for Sept. 25 in dog cruelty case
    Associated Press--BOULDER - A man acquitted of biting a friend's dog but convicted of other cruelty charges will be sentenced Sept. 25.

  • August 12, First dog in Colo. since 1974 FM puppy tests positive for rabies
    Colorado--A 10-week-old puppy brought to Colorado from Texas has tested positive for rabies, marking the first time that a dog has tested positive for the disease in this state since 1974.

  • August 12, Indy Dog Turns Up Three Years After Disappearance
    Cincinnati--Animal Control Officials Reunite Canine With Owner. A dog that disappeared three years ago from his Martinsville home has been found 32 miles away in Indianapolis, and is reunited with his owner.

  • August 12, Familiar downtown dog found dead in county Offered. STAUNTON -- Shop doors were still flung open downtown to usher in the summer breeze Monday afternoon, the clock tower still chimed its hourly tune and the trolley still picked up pedestrians for rides to their destinations.

  • August 11, Dog rescues abandoned baby
    Romania-- A sheepdog has carried a baby two miles from a remote field where it was abandoned to his owner's home. Police in Raducaneni, Lasi county, Romania say the dog discovered the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes.

  • August 11, Gourmet dog treats cater to your canines
    Frederickburg--Richmond company makes three flavors of Fido's favorites. Barbara Doane continues to be amazed by how much people love to pamper their dogs. "I never knew people spent money like they do on their dogs," she said. "I've had people tell me 'I'm grandma to a dog.' It's unreal!"

    UK--A MAN has drowned after jumping into a canal and rescuing his pet dog. The 60-year-old, who has not been named, jumped into the Forth and Clyde Canal after his dog fell in. After saving his pet, he got into difficulties and was pulled from the water by a friend.

  • August 11, Dog Wash, Tag Sale will benefit canine rescue crew's fund
    The Dominion Post--The Woofs Canine Rescue Crew will sponsor a Dog Wash and Tag Sale from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, in the parking lot of Woofs Canine Accoutrements in Chelsea Square, 1137 Van Voorhis Road. Local humane organizations will be on hand with puppies and kittens for adoption.

  • August 11, Westin Hotel finds homes for pets
    News 14 --CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It was truly a dog day afternoon at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte Sunday. The hotel lobby served as an adoption site for dogs and cats. The project was in cooperation with the Humane Society of Mecklenburg County.

  • August 11, Pets 'could lower allergy risk'
    BBC-UK--Cuddling a dog could help children (pic: Medical College of Georgia) Children who grow up with dogs and cats in the home have a much reduced risk of developing allergies, say scientists.

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